Thursday, September 6, 2007

school :o

Today was my first day of school It was okay I guess. I have some wacko teachers but yeah, read on of course :P

Lets start with the beginning of the day...ADVISORY :] I got my new locker combination and its really easy to memorize. I also got my schedule and I have a lot of good classes. Most of my friends have gym 2nd period [8 or 9 am] I have it 7th, after lunch soooo yeah :]

1st Period First period I had science with Mrs.Corso. I think that will be my favourite subject because we get to learn forensic science. Thats what they do on CSI and Bones. You have to find out how people died and who did it and how long ago it was o.o

2nd Period Next was Home Career. I had Mrs.Meenan. She knows my brother so she kept smiling at me which was really weird. We are going to sew a pillow in a few weeks which should be challenging because I cannot sew Starting in January we are going to cook, so that should be fun :]

3rd Period I had LATIN yay :] Latin with Mr.Lane. We did a worksheet and here are some words I learned:

monstrum- monster
medicus- doctor
porcus- pig
athleta- athlete
stola- dress
lilium lilly

4th Period I had English! We had to write an essay on our first day I have Mrs.Sztabnik. Good luck prouncing that. I had a double period of english.

6th Period I have to split band with my lunch half band half lunch.

7th Period HEALTH. I am the only one from my class with that health class. But a lot of my friends are there so yay

8th Period Math. My math teacher is kinda weird. She has a really scrict grading process. If you skip one problem on your homework because you didn't get it, and you did the rest, you get a 0. Thats like sooo not fair. And if you miss one little detail in your work, ZERO! Grrr..

9th Period LAST PERIOD YAY :] What subject is next? Social Studies, right All we did was really talk and find out about Its a site where you type in your zip code and pick your school and find your teacher. Your teacher may update the site for like the homework and stuff.


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Kaitlyn said...

haha nice first day

Caroline said...

Yeah, on the last problem that night I forgot to do half of ONE PROBLEM and I even checked it in Advisory! She let me use an emergency. I've never had a zero in my life. Or anything below a C+. (Which was 5th Grade Handwriting!)